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      Scrimshaw Techinques Advancing to Color                          with Sandra Brady

I couldn’t help myself. I originally purchased Sandy’s first scrimshaw DVD just about the time her “Advancing to Color” DVD was ready to hit the market.

      After thoroughly enjoying Sandy’s inculcation, I knew I had to have this next one.
     Ordering just the DVD would only make me wish I had gotten the color inks too, so the Advancing to Color Deluxe kit was purchased---I wasn’t disappointed.

     This DVD is professionally produced and a real joy to watch. Sandy’s teaching abilities are second to none and I can guarantee you’ll want to run before you can walk.

     Remember: This is the “next chapter” and a companion to her first scrimshaw DVD. Make sure you’ve become proficient with Sandy’s “Beginning Scrimshaw” lessons or you will be a little lost.

     If you ever had a desire to learn the wonderful art of color scrimshaw, this is for you.


     For the friendliest information about how you can get this set into your hands, visit Sandy’s web http://www.scrimshaw-by-sandra-brady.com/index.php

     While you’re there, check out the nice scrimshaw items she has for sale. Here’s a great opportunity to own some real nice jewelry from a leader in the scrimshaw field or to discuss a commission for those ivory pistol grips you’ve been dreaming about. (Hint:Christmas is coming)

     For what it’s worth, both of Sandy’s DVD’s got me so fired up with learning scrimshaw that it spawned an idea for a neat little workholding fixture: The BradyBlok---Stay tuned for that story!

My first attempt at color scrimshaw



Resin Castings

In much the same manner that you buy a "Print" of an original painting, castings are the Engravers' Equivalent. These are exact and dimensionally perfect reproductions of the original engraving.

Once an item is engraved, a silicone rubber mold is made using the actual engraving. After the mold is cured and removed from the engraving, it is filled (cast) with a liquid resin mix and allowed to cure. The result is an exact preportioned plastic resin duplicate. Every minute detail is captured in the casting. Engravers have been making and exchanging these for years among themselves....kind of like baseball trading cards....and now, some are putting them up for sale to anyone who wants one.

These are much better than a photograph.

Tira Mitchell is the first to offer these here as a compliment to her Celtic 1911 story

Check these out.

celticslide celticslide2

Tira also engraved a "Chasing" hammerhead and made a resin casting of it also

rohnerhammer      rohnerhammer2

You can purchase them, and many other items, at:

engraving gallery


Product Review:


Art & Design Fundamentals by Lee Griffiths

       The rumors had been out for quite some time that Lee Griffiths was writing a book relating to drawing. (For those not connected to the engraving world, I'm not going to go into who Lee Griffiths is. Please do a little research on the man or just GOOGLE "Engraving" and his name will appear.)

     In the world of engraving, there isn't much written about how to do it, but it is getting better all the time. Engraving has been an old world craft passed on from Master to Apprentice usually by mouth to ear or by "look and learn". Any rumor about anything new gets our spider senses to twitch.

     Sure, the last few decades have brought about a tremendous amount of information and education in the art of engraving, but there just isn't massive amounts of text books or DVD's on the subject. Every new morsel of information or new technique gets devoured by the professional and hobbyists alike. We painfully awaited the publication of his book and learned that he made a DVD to compliment the book practically on a page by page basis. Good thinking, Lee.

     Lee was also offering pre-ordering and announced that he would autograph the first 100 sold. (BTW---My number is 49)

     Upon arrival, the workday was stopped in its tracks, the book was opened and the DVD was spinning out all of the "goodies" I had much anticipated.

There is no bad news to report. This was done the right way.

     Here's the good news: This is very comprehensive and easy to understand. The book is written the way Lee teaches: Methodical, purposeful, intuitive and entertaining. (Lee has a great way of delivering his message through his own brand of humor) Here's a little teaser: Lee (almost) never erases. Isn't that interesting?                                                                                                                                                                               The book is professionally published and spiral bound to lay flat so you can draw and refer to it. The DVD is professionally edited, produced, easy to watch and listen to.

     Since many of us engravers have close ties to the Firearms Engravers Guild of America. www.fega.com ,this isn't just for gun engravers. As the title explains: Art & Design Fundamentals for Engravers, Jewelers, Artists, Craftsmen. I would  like to add "Hobbyist".... My two cents.

$60.00 for the Book

$60.00 for the DVD

$110.00 for the Book DVD Combo


You can get your copies here: http://www.lgartistry.com/      Lee Griffiths Artisty     or here: BrianPowleyProfitCenter


UP Next:

Sandra Brady DVD

Beginning Scrimshaw with Sandra Brady

$40.00 + s/h

     If you've ever wondered how or where to learn scrimshaw, this is your first stop. Sandra Brady has put together a first rate DVD showing you everything you need to begin scrimshaw.

Sandra has more than enough experience as a scrimshander and as a teacher to make your first steps into this "Old World" artform a success. She is Scrimshaw!

     Her teaching style is relaxed and concise. The DVD is professionally produced. This will teach you how to scrim in minutes! And, you'll watch it over and over again.


      The tools and materials are basic and available in "Everytown, U.S.A." but Sandra has made it even easier:

She also offers a Beginners Srimshaw kit for about $25.00 on her website.  Think about this: A complete setup for $65.00!


      This is the most informative and up-to-date teaching DVD of its kind. It is a must have for scrimshanders,engravers,artists,craftsmen,and collectors.

You can check this out and a whole lot more at Sandra's web:



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