This project came across my bench over one year ago.  The owner of the gun, gunsmith Dedan King, designed the gun for his personal use.  When asked about the particulars of the gun Dedan explained:

“I wanted to make something that could have been made in the early 1900’s.  I used Caspian’s frame and slide, which are made like the original 1911 .45.  I requested that the slide be made with no markings because I wanted the pistol to be engraved.  I used a Kart barrel and bushing, some of the small parts like the trigger, mainspring housing, hammer, safety and sights were original pieces.  I had the grips made of vintage ivory by  Mike Poulin.  The holster was custom made by Karla Van Horne.  I have always liked the west and have ancestors that were miners and ranchers so the holster was for them.  It is similar to a Texas ranger holster from the turn of the century.  The Celtic/Norse knot work on the holster and pistol were inspired by my Norwegian and Scottish Heritage.  The serial number is my initials.  I wanted something incredibly tight and phenomenally accurate; it is one of, if not the most, accurate pistols I have ever tried.  It has lots of big flats and nice simple curves, it is really a classic design that seems like it is almost made to be engraved.”


celtic2 celtic3

To match the holster and theme Dedan wanted a Celtic design to flow throughout the parts of this custom designed gun.  I have done a lot of scroll designs in my career, but Celtic is a different animal. Leaves and sweeping scrolls demand accuracy, but nothing like the complete mathematical layout and precision of Celtic.  One cut that is a bit too deep or wide will throw off the entire design.  The gun was a challenge that was exciting to complete.  After many hours of drawing I came up with the final design.  The actual engraving on the gun took 36 hours to accomplish. 

Dedan also wanted the solid silver hand made buckle on the holster to match the character of the gun.  The buckle required 5 hours to design and 8 hours to engrave

celticbelt1 celticbelt2

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