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An entertaining viewpoint you won't find anywhere else

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A Warm Welcome


Let me introduce you to "The Engravers Notebook".

My intent is to provide an entertaining viewpoint about a host of subjects which seem to get interwoven with various trades and crafts. Call it an "On- line magazine", if you will.

This is not a "Tips and Tricks" service. The forums got all of that stuff covered. This is different.

Athough I am a professional engraver, I find the paths I cross in my "day to day" activities are so interesting and important not only to me, but to the people that commission craftsmen like myself.

It's great to be one of those people that take ideas and turn them into reality. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than creating someone's "Dream come true".

This magazine is not limited to engraving. I find the worlds of the jeweler, gunsmith, stonesetter, leatherworker,scrimshander, machinist, pistolsmith, sculptor, painter, inventor, seamstress, tool maker, etc.,etc., are just plain fascinating and worth reading about. (and hey---it's free for now. Eventually, I'll figure out if it needs to make money or not.)

I'm urging those talented craftsmen and women to step forward and share some of their stories about their profession.

As you can see, I have a pretty good list of sponsors that have signed on to help me promote this. I don't think it will be very long before these web pages are viewed world-wide. This is a good chance to get your name "Out There" and let the world know who you are.

Hopefully, this little website will become an interesting place to visit where one can escape their world for a few moments,learn and laugh at some of the really funny things that happen to guys like me or a place where customers can find those talented individuals to make their dreams come true.

Take it from someone that makes a living using just his imagination and some God given skills:

"I dare you to believe in yourself. You have no idea how many wonderful things you are capable of doing."


Brian Powley





Send mail to brian@powleyengraving.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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